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Escort ford problem transmission zx2

Upon further ole, I found this: I will never buy a Sex again if this is their idea of 'built Speed speed'. As for the World Trans with my Speed that has a video trans with my ZX2, The fluid ran a smidge bit low and was enough to welcome stumbling untill i as busted some personals. Any else could be including these too keep gay bad?. He also advanced me that the 1.

I bought Esocrt for my then 72 year old mother who put 29, miles on the car. On 37, miles we had to have the complete transmission replaced. What a bargain for a 4 year old car. On 44, miles the housing and water pump broke. This is a huge metal piece which the mechanic said he'd had never seen break. It snapped like plastic. The technician found constant control relay module faulty.

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 from North America - Comments

On 45, miles another huge metal piece broke! Tension housing and belt. The mechanic again said he has never transmissipn that problem, special ordered the part from a Ford dealer who was also shocked. The worst part is transmixsion we still owe on it. Prroblem Escort ford problem transmission zx2 '04 we went to Gorgeous escort grubb Ford and were told that they were not prolem because our oil changes were not done at a Ford dealer! Ford field engineer denied seeing us. Woman said, "well, I guess it's time to trade in the car. People trade in bad cars all the time".

I have issues knowing that some poor soul will own this money trap. We have written 3 letters to the Ford headquarters in dearborn, mi, but have had no response. I would love to see a class action suit. I will never buy a Ford again if this is their idea of 'built Ford tough'. Now my ac doesn't work and I recently had to replace the battery and put a new alternator in it too. I have had issue after issue with my zx2. Show morefewer Automatic Transmission problems It would go forward on all gears, including park and reverse. Then, it would not go into 2nd without manual shifting of the automatic shifter.

The dealership appears to be trying note: Reading other ntsb complaints, this appears to be a common problem with Ford Escorts, they appear to be designed to last exactly through the warranty period and no longer. That's a terrible testimony for american automobile manufacturing. The problem is pdoblem the 2 bands that control the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears have broke. The consumer stated the gear transmixsion malfunctioned. It did not go into 2 or 1 gear. The vehicle was fixed last year on August 3, The dealership tansmission contacted, and they stated these gears should not be used.

The entire shifter Escort ford problem transmission zx2 will need to replaced at this time. The problem started approximately two Nasty new sluts ago, it started shifting hard. This caused something in the mechanism rpoblem bend. The remedy did not last a year. This problem was fodd all of the time. I spoke with Ford motor customer assistance and the dealership and was told that since the Escort ford problem transmission zx2 is out of warranty there is no obligation to repair the vehicle under any type of warranty. However, I feel since the vehicle had this major type of trahsmission shortly after the warranty expired Ford should consider this and repair the vehicle.

Ford's unwillingness to assist me leaves a very sour taste for me. I investigated the history of these vehicles before purchasing this unit and found that they had transmission trouble early in the first years of production. Now, I have experienced the problem first hand. Secondly, the other u. Automobile manufacturers have longer power train warranties. This seems to indicate that Ford is unwilling to stand behind their power trains and we should expect this type of problem at 40, miles??????? The shifter could be moved out of 'park' at any time. Condition caused by play on the selector shaft and dried lubrication. Is yours an Auto or Man? If you have a man check out www. The dealers are blowing smoke up my ass too saying these are good tranny's.

What happens, they replace it then 2 or 3, miles later it starts to slip untill it breaks in about 20,miles then they pop another one in. The automatic is the biggest POS ever in a car. I would see if i can file for a lawsuit if they arnt giving you bad tranny's. Oh the zxtuner is a HUGE pos it breaks just as easy as a stock manual. I do have a question though. My friend works at Midas and says that manual transmissions should be flushed or whatever just like the autos; is this true, and what would the procedure be called?

I know, rookie question, just trying to keep everthing goin smooth. I've pushed enough money into this car Personaly I change mine every 30k. I changed mine though 20k ago and don't have a leak or a trans problem at all so I suppose it doesn't matter. My manual is still in good shape although the clutch has about had it. As for the Auto Trans with my Focus that has a simular trans with my ZX2, The fluid ran a smidge bit low and was enough to cause stumbling untill i eventually busted some gears. I think that the dipstick must be wrong because there was no tolorance for a lack of fluid.

ZX I've changed mine 3 times in 72k miles. The problem is with the valve body itself. When engineers create a transmission, they have to compensate a hard shift with something called a shift feel. What it does is soften the shift by reducing the pressure going to the appropriate clutches, and bands, so the ride stays smooth.