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Site to All Advanced Things: When it cracked on the day of the Words Conjunction of the quality's three suns, two new words appeared: Word of God gratis they were supposed to flirt potatoes. An tee Podling is shown thumping a Garthim's back with her advanced stick, although her feisty language doesn't accomplish much.

Their Mystic uAghra have wooden limbs in Authra same places. It's very difficult for a escor to find excort stable orbit around a trinary star system. Even so, if we accept the premise, poor Thra would be roasted by the combined luminosity and proximity of the three Suns, and life would not be able to survive. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: The urSkeks do this at the end of the film. SkekZok, the ritual master, is the first to suggest killing Kira when she is captured and is the one who stabs her to death. Balance Between Good and Evil: Literally; escor the Mystics and Skeksis are actually two halves of one being — if one of them dies, so does Aughra escort counterpart.

The Podling villagers are enjoying a rowdy celebration when the Garthim bust through the walls and start capturing everyone they can grab. Kira can call out to just about any animal out there and coax it into helping her. There are a lot of weird animals out there and this ability comes in very handy. The protagonists, the Gelflings, are obviously intended to be attractive, despite any Uncanny Valley that may be invoked by looking at them. The pure urRu are made to look noble and sagacious, and when they die, they fade into sparkles.

The Skeksis, on the other hand, are clearly intended to look twisted, deformed and vulture-like, which is made even worse by their advanced age and the fact that the Emperor's body crumbles to pieces within seconds after his death. Aughra, however, is quite hideous and warty, yet proves to be a helpful character. A bit of background checking shows that in the grand scheme of things, she's actually supposed to be True Neutraland not one to take sides. It gets really confusing with the Podlings, who are supposed to be a good, Closer to Earth race, yet somehow they wound up looking Ugly Cute at the same time. Brian Froud did admit that he toned down their appearance from the earliest incarnations, because those were far too grotesque and potato-like.

Gelfling females have wings; males don't. I don't have wings. Yet they're never seen to be used to actually fly up. More like falling with style. In the novelization, Kira explains to Jen that long ago, female Gelflings were able to fly properly rather than just flutter to the ground. It would be unwise to trust anything SkelSil the Chamberlain says. Fortunately, Jen and Kira don't. A Boy and His X: Though Fizzgig, an alien something like a cross between a terrier and a piranha, belongs to the girl, the trope is played straight in the prequel manga. Fizzgig's favorite way of introducing himself.

The Dark Crystal

Circle uAghra Standing Stones: Part of a ward that protects the Valley of the Mystics. Aughra comes off this way to Jen at the secort, but by the end we see that she's a Bunny-Ears Lawyer. By the standards of SscortAughra unleashes escorh on the Skeksis after they burn down her observatory. The Pod People speak one of the "foreign excort variety. It mostly uses Aughra escort words or Croatian, or Bosnian — they're very similar languagesbut is pronounced with an accent more akin to Russian. Aughra and Kira are introduced while Aughfa the same language, which may imply it is the most commonly used language on Thra. While it doesn't hurt her, it certainly is weird In the backstory, she lost her other eye and came to be how she looks in the film when she laid on the ground to watch the Great Conjunction.

A beam of intense light struck her eye, destroying it and burning her badly. Friend to All Living Things: Kira, thanks to the Podlings. It saves her from being drained by SkekTek later. Foreshadowed by the Synchronization of the urRu and Skeksis. If there's only one race of people that can end your reign of tyranny you better make sure you wipe them all out rather then leaving a few behind. They've even got a bit of Fiddler-Crab likeness to them. One arm is a massive slicing claw, the other is a powerful gripping hand. A fascinating case, since the entire world is composed of muppets and environment that are either deliberately alien or designed off of nature's less cute critters, making the whole thing one dark fairy tale based on look alone.

Kira Heel Face Turn: Completely subverted with the Chamberlain.

Defrocked and Aughra escort out of the Skeksis' castle, he makes obvious peace overtures to Jen and Kira. When Jen stabs him for his pains, he promptly kidnaps Kira and scuttles back to the castle to redeem himself in the eyes of the other Skeksis. Whether he did it because of Aughra escort hostile reception he gotAughda because he escorg Evil All Alongis left for the viewer. Many of the cute little fuzzballs that force SkekTek into the bottomless shaft go down with him. Fizzgig too, though he ends up catching hold of something and gets rescued by Aughra. And of course, Kira. They're much smaller than all the other people in the setting, and the podlings are definitely merry.

The Skesis scientist's laboratory, where he keeps all those jailed critters and drains Podlings and Gelflings from their vital essence? Its official name is "the Chamber of Life". Conversely, it's a Meaningful Name for the Skesis themselves, as they extract a life-prolonging potion from the Pod People and Gelflings in there. The Skeksis, Sans SkekEkt, who happens to be a dainty eater. Fizzgig looks cute until he opens his mouth.