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Left for work and Husband slut returned and has not Travel escort business anyone. Case 03B Case Status: May 25, Robert, a. The Granite Club was located at S. Robert was there until approximately midnight at which time he left alone. He had been shot and succumbed to the injuries. He had lived in that area for several years and knew the terrain well. He told friends he was going for a hike in the area of Hell Gate at about 2: Open Kimberly Evans - Date of Death: January 15, Kimberly, age 28, was a mother and wife living in Sandy at the time of her death.

She left her house at approximately Her body was discovered by the gates of Butterfield Canyon at approximately W. She had been shot multiple times. Ann had been a victim of domestic violence. She told her roommate her ex-husband Anna escort utah trying to find her and take her to Vegas. August 29, Juan, a. He was working as a general contractor at the time of his death. Officers responded to a call for shots fired at the Holy Oak apartments located at S. Main Street on Midvale at around 1: Several people were with Juan in the apartment at the time of the incident when an altercation broke out between Juan and five other men.

Witnesses heard the argument and then a gunshot. The five men were Work slut seen fleeing the residence on foot. Juan made it from the apartment to the balcony of his apartment before collapsing. Paramedics responded and Juan was flown by Life Flight to the hospital but did not survive the gunshot wound he suffered. Witnesses identified Aristeo Colon as the shooter. Colon had been in a dispute over a drug deal with the victim in the weeks prior to the shooting. Evidence from the shooting also linked Colon to the homicide.

Open Corazon Frandsen - Date of Death: February 5, Corazon, age 26, went to dinner with her in-laws on the evening of February 4, Afterward she picked up a few groceries and then proceeded home to her apartment located in at S. It appears she was first attacked as she got out of her 2-door white Mercury Cougar in the parking lot of the apartment complex. She was found the following morning in the bushes adjacent to the parking lot of a church located at S. She had been severely beaten. She was unconscious at the time she was found and died a short time later at the hospital as a result of blunt force trauma injuries and exposure to the elements.

Galvis - Date of Disappearance September 28, At the time of his disappearance Harold was 27 years-old. He is a Hispanic Male. Brown eyes and black hair. No distinguishing marks, tattoos, or scars at the time of his disappearance. Harold had been in the Salt Lake area for 8 months. He was visiting his sister in the area of East and South in Millcreek. Harold is from Venezuela and spoke limited English. He has his degree in Materials Engineering from Venezuela and was applying for a Cambridge doctorate program. Harold was suffering from mental problems at the time, possibly due to a traumatic event. He had been prescribed medication but was not taking it. Because of this mental state Harold is considered an endangered missing person.

Harold took a labor job, washing cars, when he needed money and may do the same again. He was known to carry a weapon and large amounts of cash from his drug dealings. Manuel was out partying with friends in the early morning hours of August 5, That was the last he was seen. Manuel was driving a silver Thunderbird 2-door hardtop that night. Witnesses recall seeing two men park the car near the Jordan River Parkway at approximately S. They stayed in the vehicle for several hours. The driver was male, possibly Hispanic. The car was abandoned and subsequently impounded on August 7, There was blood evidence located in the car when it was searched. No weapons or cash was found with the body. An autopsy determined the cause of death to be a gunshot wound to the chest.

Open Timothy Glashien - Date Horny drunk sluts Death: February 23, imothy, age 22, was a resident of Bountiful at the time of his death. He was last seen on the afternoon of February 23, leaving to make a drug purchase. He had been shot multiple times. Stephen Wayne Anderson, contract killer and prison escapee, confessed to the crime and then later re-canted the statement. Anderson was convicted of another unrelated homicide in California using the same weapon. It is suspected that Anderson was hired to kill Timothy but there were others involved in the planning and possibly the commission of the crime.

August 27, Luis, age 21, was riding with his friend in a maroon two-door Ford Thunderbird on the afternoon of August 27, The suspect s in the car opened fire, possibly with more than one shot, and struck Luis in the head as he sat in the passenger seat. The driver of the car Luis was in made a quick U-turn to avoid additional gunfire and drove for a block or so to pull over into a store parking lot at approximately S. Redwood Road where he asked a citizen for assistance. Luis was flown by Life Flight to an area hospital but died the following day from the gunshot wound. Witnesses identify the car the suspects were in as a white Mercury Grand Marquis with chrome wheels.

There were at least two suspects in Anna escort utah car, both described as Hispanic males in their teens or early twenties, with either clean-shaven or nearly clean-shaven heads. Halling - Date of Death: February 22, Michelle, age 28, was the mother to a young son living in the Cottonwood Heights area at the time Mature fuck slut tube her death. In the early morning hours of February 22, at approximately 2: Highland Drive became engulfed in flames. Neighbors heard her screaming and tried to offer assistance but were unable to do so due to the intensity of the fire. Michelle died as a result of smoke inhalation.

Arson was determined to be the cause of the fire. Open Kathy Harmon - Date of Death: State Street on the night of March 2, with Granny toilet sluts friend. Kathy left the bar around midnight alone. A coat she had on at the Better Days bar was located at her apartment indicating she made it home that night. Her partially clad body was located approximately yards off the lookout toward the Mountain Dell Meadows area. She had been assaulted and died as a result of strangulation.

Approximately August 14, Emeterio, age 33, was from El Salvador and worked as a dishwasher at the Salt Lake Hilton at the time of his death. He is a husband and father to eight children. Emeterio was last seen on August 14, by co-workers. His body was discovered on August 19, about five miles above Junction I and U It appeared he had been there for quite some time. He had died as a result of gunshot wounds. Emeterio is the cousin to 18 year-old Miguel Antonio Hernandez whose body was located 2-days earlier off a road in nearby East Canyon. He came to live with his cousin, Emeterio Melgar Hernandez.

Miguel and Emeterio had attended a dance together on the evening of August 13, It was the last known sighting of Miguel. The cause of death was determined to be gunshot wounds. This case is considered to be a double homicide. December 25, Doris, 24 years-old, had moved to the Salt Lake area from Guadalajara, Mexico just 5 months prior to her death. She was living in the upstairs of a home located at S. Her roommate was out of the state for the holidays and she was home alone on Christmas morning, December 25,when she was attacked in her home. Injuries indicate she fought with her attacker. Her body was found later that afternoon by friends she was supposed to spend Christmas Day with.

It was determined that Doris death had occurred earlier that morning from strangulation. Evidence at the scene determined the perpetrator to be Fernando Leal Cervantes. Cervantes was an acquaintance of the victim and lived only a few blocks away. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Fernando Cervantes but he fled to Mexico after the homicide and still remains at large. Open Bertha Hughes - Date of Death: This was something she reportedly enjoyed doing. Different witness accounts describe suspicious activity around the house that night. She had been assaulted and died of multiple blunt force trauma wounds. January 13, Lester, age 62, was a spiritual leader among the Native Americans he associated closely with and was a Vietnam Veteran, earning a purple heart.

He lived alone but had had company from out of state staying with him shortly before his death. Officers responded to a call and found Lester dead in his apartment at S. Candlestick Lane 80 E. Time of death was estimated to be somewhere around the end of December, The cause of death was ligature strangulation. In addition, other valuable items were missing from the apartment. Lester had ties through family and friends to the South Dakota area and had visited there earlier in the month of December, returning to Utah prior to the Christmas holidays. Open Lucille Johnson - Date of Death: She was last seen sweeping her porch on the afternoon of February 1, Her family was concerned when they could not reach Lucille by phone so her daughter went to her home the following afternoon.

Lucille died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries. Her body was fully clothed and there was no indication that she had been sexually assaulted. Although items were missing from her home there was no sign of forced entry and the doors were locked at the time she was found. It was apparent Lucille struggled with her assailant s prior to her death. Open Carolyn Kingston - Date of Occurrence: Carolyn had her two small children in the store with her at the time. She and a deliveryman were both shot. Carolyn died later as a result of her injuries. Leatherbury - Date of Death: Acquaintances saw her in a car in the area around the same time with two males and an unknown number of individuals.

Her car, a Chrysler, was found on Westminster Ave. Her nude body was discovered by fishermen on August 21, She had been assaulted and died as a result of gunshot and stab wounds. Leetham - Date Body was Found: October 11, Richard, age 35, was enrolled as a student at Salt Lake Community College at the time of his disappearance. He was last seen by his girlfriend leaving his apartment to type a paper on the afternoon of August 17, It was later determined he died from a gunshot wound. It was located in Tijuana, Mexico on November 11, August 28, Julie Ann, a.

Her nude body was found by a motorist the morning of August 28, in an open area near Emigration Canyon Road. She died as a result of blunt force trauma and strangulation. December 31, - Date of Death: March 22, Rico, age 74, was at his home located at W. He was making repairs and was working under his kitchen sink when he was shot from outside the house through the kitchen window. Rico survived the initial life threatening injuries but succumbed to secondary complications a couple of months later. Robbery did not appear to be a motive in the shooting.

Maurath - Date of Death: May 7, Ronald, age 23, was last seen at the Deseret Lounge at S. He was leaving with one or two other males and two females. His nude body was found later that afternoon by workers along the side of the road in the area of West South near the Garfield cutoff road north of the Kennecott Copper Refinery. He had been stabbed and died as a result of the wounds. Open Sonia Mejia - Date of Death: February 9, Sonia, age 29, was a young mother living in Taylorsville at the time of her death. After the fifth dance, she went backstage to put on a dress and re-emerge to mingle with men in the main club area.

A lot of girls could do amazing tricks on the pole. I could spin around, but I just taught myself. She recalls a broad spectrum of men who worked on oil rigs, drove trucks and owned their own businesses. Occasionally, there was a bachelor party. Her sister Yeargin might stop in to say hello but, mostly, she remembers a lot of solitary men who seemed lonely, were extremely quiet and just sat there. And a man with a foot fetish threw money at Freeman whenever her toes were painted perfectly.

Taking it Off

Yeargin saw a man she knew from the business world who jokingly—but Anna escort utah her not to spread it around: Dancing is similar to waitressing, Freeman says, in that each dancer receives a small paycheck—like a food server—and that tips received are an important aspect of being paid. The dancer, in effect, rents out her time when she dances on the stage and receives tips. Her dances are followed up with subsequent mingling with the customers, who buy her drinks as a way of paying for her stage time that night. Two types of drinks are available at the club: I was a master at getting drink tickets.

Whenever somebody came up short, I gave them away. Also, oil-field workers there are known to leave big tips. It is quick, easy money.